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Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation

Throughout all of human history, innovation, and in particular the invention and leveraging of new technology, has been the biggest lever to catalyse societal shifts. These shifts are sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, and always come with unforeseen and disruptive consequences. This disruption unlocks new opportunities accompanied with new challenges.

The anthropogenic problems we face in the world today simply will not be solved without innovation, the invention and leveraging of new technology, and wise management of the resultant disruption.

Due to the exponential nature of innovation and technology, investment into successful disruptors at the right moment, enabling the solving of previously unsolvable problems, can produce equally attractive financial returns for long term investors.

To us Sustainable Innovation means both that the innovation we invest in addresses the biggest challenges of this era, and also that the resultant disruption is well governed such that the change is managed in an environmentally and socially responsible way. In other words, sustainable Innovation done in a sustainable way to create sustainable prosperity.

We invest in game changers across sectors. We look for companies that continuously reinvest in research & development and continuous improvement, work hard on competitiveness and efficiency, invent or leverage scientific breakthroughs that increase sustainable prosperity, and those that are building discrete and unique pools of valuable data.