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Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions

When the Paris Agreement was signed on the 12th December 2015 by 196 countries 2030 seemed a long way into the future. We are now perilously close to that date.

There has been a significant increase in renewables and industries are decarbonising, however the Keeling Curve continues to climb ever higher, with the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide having reached 425 parts per million in March 2024 (in 2015 we were hovering around 400ppm).

Mitigation is starting to have an effect with wind and solar now mature investible sectors, the International Energy Agency estimates that without renewables the increase in global emissions over the past 5 years would have been three times larger, however global emissions still increased by 410 million tonnes (1.1%) in 2023. We are also seeing increased investment into adaption, with the need now, more than ever, to protect assets from the impact of climate change. However there is a clear and increasing adaptation financing gap, particularly in developing economies.

Our Climate Solutions are focused on both Mitigation and Adaptation, we have long term conviction in the Energy Transition and see increasing opportunities to deploy capital to assets that are aligned to the Paris Agreement.