Sustainable Themes

Just Transition

Just Transition

The cost of two centuries of industrialisation and the legacy of extracting resources has caused immeasurable damage to communities least able to afford to adapt to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

The Loss and Damage Fund agreed at COP28, is long over due and far smaller than required, however it is a line in the sand and recognition that developed economies bear a financial responsibility to deploy sustainable investment where it is most needed.

As investment managers we look to emerging markets for growth, over the past 3 decades this has been driven by China, now an established leader in many sustainable technologies. Today, some of the most innovative and fast growing sustainable companies can be found in emerging economies from India to Brazil.

Many US and European listed companies have supply chains spanning emerging markets, a significant part of our research and analysis within our sustainability committee is dedicated to ensuring that companies are having a net positive social impact across jurisdictions.

For Resilience a Just Transition goes beyond Climate, we invest to reduce food, energy and economic inequalities. It is in our hands to drive positive change.