Sustainable Themes

Sustainable Impact

Sustainable Impact

Measuring the sustainable and positive impact of the investments we make is as important as delivering financial returns. Our sustainability committee has the power to veto investment decisions that fail to meet the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.

Through our collaboration with Mainstreet Partners we measure the alignment of our investments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our Resilient strategies have a high sustainability threshold with a minimum 80% exposure to assets that clearly demonstrate sustainability objectives.

Whilst many of our themes are expressed through our equity allocations it is within fixed income assets that the greatest sustainable impact can be made. The nature of Green Bonds and Sustainability-linked Bonds provides a direct route to fund and generate an income from both environmental and social projects with a high degree of measurability and transparency.

We also recognise the value and importance of education in addressing societal challenges and providing a pathway to generating wealth.

Sustainable prosperity means reducing inequalities and collaboratively growing a resilient society that is living and consuming within our planetary boundaries.