Sustainable Themes

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Land use and nature loss has, to a large extent, been driven by demographics and consumer habits. As the global population has grown our agricultural practices have become industrialised on a vast scale.

The agricultural sector is dominated by an oligopoly of companies that control the supply of soft commodities and the majority of farms are still privately owned. Farming practices have also intensively relied upon chemicals to enhance yields and prevent disease.

Our Sustainable Agriculture theme invests in companies along the value-chain that are focused on agricultural technology, land management, precision farming, soil and seed health, water management and bio-based crop protection.

The Sustainable Agriculture theme is intrinsically linked with our Just Transition and Sustainable Impact themes, companies we invest in need to be able to demonstrate what they are doing to ensure living wages for small-scale farmers as well as making a positive impact from community perspective.


We also invest in listed farmland assets that directly own portfolios of smaller permanent agricultural crops and sustainably managed row crops. We believe that sustainable agriculture is a vital component to ensuring food security and biodiversity restoration.