Sustainability Preferences

Assessment & Persona


Client preferences are aligned to the 7 Sustainable Themes with an assessment of each theme’s importance to the client, ranging as follows:

– Unimportant (1)
– Neutral (2)
– Fairly Important (3)
– Important (4)
– Critical (5)

Responses are then mapped to a Resilient Persona that have an influence on the thematic equity allocation for the client.

Contact Us


Our team of resilient investment professionals would be delighted to hear from you, whether you are an ardent environmentalist, a social impact champion, a trustee or professional wanting to understand how the nature of fiduciary duty is changing or simply out of curiosity.

Our shared knowledge and experience tells us that portfolios can be managed sustainably and that in doing so risks can be mitigated, returns can be generated and wealth can be used to make a meaningful positive impact.

If you’d like to take a first step we would be pleased to conduct a sample carbon review on your existing portfolio.