Resilient Growth

& Strategy


The objective is to generate resilient capital growth over the long term from a diversified portfolio of sustainable equities. The strategy has a barbell approach with defensive alternatives included to manage volatility. The strategy provides a responsible investment solution aligned to clients sustainability preferences.

Resilient Research
& Reporting


The Resilient Growth strategy is SDG aligned and comprised of SFDR 8 & 9 funds researched by our sustainable investment team with support and external data provided by Mainstreet Partners.

Contact Us


Our team of resilient investment professionals would be delighted to hear from you, whether you are an ardent environmentalist, a social impact champion, a trustee or professional wanting to understand how the nature of fiduciary duty is changing or simply out of curiosity.

Our shared knowledge and experience tells us that portfolios can be managed sustainably and that in doing so risks can be mitigated, returns can be generated and wealth can be used to make a meaningful positive impact.

If you’d like to take a first step we would be pleased to conduct a sample carbon review on your existing portfolio.