Resilient Investing for Future Generations



Our Identity


Resilience has a core belief that you can be an investment manager and an environmentalist at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive. Climate and Biodiversity are central to our investment decision making processes.

We are committed to managing our client portfolios in alignment to the Paris Agreement and in harmony with nature. As a business we set aside 10% of our Resilient Strategies management fees for conservation.

Purpose & Goals


Our focus is on the future, we know that the investment decisions we make today will have consequences in the world next generations inhabit, our goal is to ensure that our impact is positive.

There is intentionality in everything we do. We exclude any assets that invest directly in fossil fuels or do significant harm to nature. No excuses or exceptions.

We believe in a Just Transition. A central part of our sustainable philosophy is to ensure that our investments do not make poor people poorer, or increase the wealth gap and inequalities in society.

If you or your clients are fortunate enough to have generated or inherited significant wealth we want to preserve and grow your capital sustainably for the future, that’s our purpose, we do this through our 7 interwoven Sustainable Themes that comprise our 4 Resilient Strategies.

Our History


Built on the foundations first laid in 2013 we have been calmly managing discretionary portfolios for private clients, trustees and institutions throughout an increasingly volatile global economic backdrop.

In 2024 the directors of the business completed a Management Buyout and reformed the company as Resilience Asset Management.

We currently manage approx. £320m assets for our clients.

Assessing Sustainability Preferences


Traditionally investment managers assess client investment objectives and risk profiles to determine a suitable investment strategy, we believe there is an important 3rd factor to consider – your sustainability preferences.


Hullad (Manx for Owl) is our interactive guide to assessing your sustainability preferences, helping to find a pathway to a portfolio aligned to your investment persona.

By attributing an importance factor to each of our 7 Sustainability Themes you’ll be able discover which of our four personas you are most aligned to.

Your sustainability preferences, once assessed, are then aligned to your Resilient Strategy with the thematic equity weightings tilted to match your persona.


Our Sustainable Commitments


Our leadership team have been managing sustainable investments for over a decade and have experienced the challenges faced when you make a commitment to invest sustainably.

Regulation of sustainable investments is evolving on the Isle of Man, as a best practice and as the first sustainability focused investment business on the island to assess sustainability preferences, we have adopted key aspects of UK and EU regulation.

Within our portfolios we allocate to SFDR 8 and 9 funds that meet our robust sustainability criteria and our Resilient strategies exceed a 70% minimum threshold for a Sustainability Focus label under SDR were we operating in the UK.

Resilience Asset Management is a UNPRI signatory and has signed the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge. On the island we are an active UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partner.

Contact Us


Our team of resilient investment professionals would be delighted to hear from you, whether you are an ardent environmentalist, a social impact champion, a trustee or professional wanting to understand how the nature of fiduciary duty is changing or simply out of curiosity.

Our shared knowledge and experience tells us that portfolios can be managed sustainably and that in doing so risks can be mitigated, returns can be generated and wealth can be used to make a meaningful positive impact.

If you’d like to take a first step we would be pleased to conduct a sample carbon review on your existing portfolio.